Fundraising and Donations

Fundraising and Donations

Putting your images on merchandise and selling it is a great way to raise money for your cause or group. 

Send us your art, or work with dMart Gear to come up with a design. (Hourly rate applies)

You provide the description of what you are fundraising for or donating to and select the selling price. 

dMart Gear will handle the printing of the product. We can either bulk order it for you to sell or supply you with a direct link that will bring people to your product(s). We will print it on demand and handle all the shipping! For an additional fee we can also add an insert.

dMart Gear will take a certain percentage to cover expenses, shipping etc.  The rest will be yours to donate or add towards your fundraising goal.

We offer a wide selection of apparel and accessories to choose from. Contact us at, subject line Fundraising and Donations to get started.

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